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Thursday, 3 April 2008

Wonderful Sterling Silver Pendants

I've been a bit sick the last few weeks which has been terrible as I can't leave the house that much...BUT it has meant i've been indoors, wrapped in a blankie and huddled over the internet (hey, it's indoors it's ok!). As a result I have lots more items in my 'favourites' on etsy.

A few of my finds have been these really lovely sterling silver pendants which I have found in two wonderful shops - That Silver Touch and Annabella Designs

I particularly love the simple clean lines of each pendant making them great for everyday wear but at the same time still being unqiue and allowing them to be great 'conversation starter' pieces!! Now, the only question that remains is....for me or for a friend? ;)

Click on a pendant for more details


decadentdiamond said...

I adore the onyx one, I love everything onyx!! .. I even sometimes say onyx when I'm referring to something that's black!

Hey Harriet said...

They are lovely!

Nah, don't buy them for friends. For you! Your freinds can still enjoy them & share in their beauty while admiring them on you ;)

The Downtown Boutique said...

These are very nice. I like the one in the top right corner. That one is more me than the others.

Tizzalicious said...

I love those pendants, especially the top left one!

nicoleleeartistry said...

I'll be your friend, if you're buying those pendants. Hee hee. They're really great! I appreciate them all the more after just having completed my own metalsmithing course...so much time and detail involved, but sooo rewarding!