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Wednesday, 17 September 2008

The Way It Should Be Part I - Cote d'Azur

I recently spent a glorious 2 weeks in France & Italy. My husbands brothers decided to make one more stop to Europe before we headed back to Australia so they joined us on our sun and beach break to *try* and forget about the miserable English weather.

Colourful Windows of Provence

The first week we spent our time driving along the Cote d'Azur. We first picked up our car in Marseille and then did lots of little side trips as we made out way through parts of Provence before hitting the coastal towns and ending our trip in Nice.

Cassis Town

The big names of St Tropez, Cannes and Monaco (unfortunately no celebs spotted) are always on the tip of everyones tongue when you think of the Cote d'Azur (French Riviera) but there are lots of little towns along the way which are just as gorgeous with their sparkling clear blue waters!

Beach on the way to Monaco

We also got to visit so many quaint, cute and very french little villages and stayed in some lovely french guest houses. Staying in the guest houses meant we were privvy to some great local knowledge and checked out Gorges Du Verdon (the Grand Canyon of France) and this beautiful lake Lac St Croix where we found lots of holiday makers out on paddle boats.

Lac St Croix

There is something about France that I never tire of. Each region is very different and the food is to die for, infact i'm yet to have a bad meal over there. I was surprised to realise that this trip to the Cote d'Azur was our 6th visit to France in our 3 years of living in London!! It is actually the country we have most revisited during our time in Europe.

Delicious Berries at the Nice Markets

What did we do while there?? - lots of walking, lots of swimming and lots of eating! This type of living is the way it should be!!

Cute Pottery Store at Gourdon

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Shadow Shot Sunday

I'm back from vacation. Had a wonderful time and managed to get rid of my pasty white skin to a nice golden glow!!!

Will post more on the trip and some photos soon but thought i'd better get my Shadow Shot Sunday photo in for Hey Harriets blog as I probably won't have time to blog this coming weekend.

This photo is a shadow of a plant growing just beside the pool of the french guest house we were staying at. I've turned the photo upside down (so the plant shadow looks the right way up) and made some digital enhancements to the photo - I like it better this way - it looks enhanced, but was much too bland before.