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Saturday, 31 January 2009

Scenic Sunday - Monument Valley

A little rush post to get my Scenic Sunday photo in. This week i've picked my photo of Monument Valley. As we drove along flat empty roads for ages it was very exciting to finally start to see Monument Valley in front of us!! We could see it far off in the distance, and ofcourse it still took us a awhile to get up close to enjoy it even more but it was very cool and was just like in all the movies!

Wednesday, 28 January 2009


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Sunday, 25 January 2009

Scenic Sunday - Iceland

Rainbow over Iceland

Here is another entry into the Scenic Sunday blog. This time here are few of my photos from Iceland. We visited this beautiful country just before it collapsed financially so when we went everything was still super expensive (including our speeding fine - £265 after a pay immediately discount!), but we enjoyed our scenic drives and sightseeing while eating rye bread and salmon that we picked up from the supermarket for almost every meal.

Scenery in Iceland doesn't disappoint. Even though it rained abit and was at times bitterly cold we still saw the beauty of Iceland. I love landscapes and nature so was a happy little snapper while travelling in and around Rekyjavik. Have a little look at what we experienced!

Jokulsarlon - Iceberg Lagoon.
It was a long drive out but totally worth it.
The first time i've seen icebergs in the flesh.

Iceland is covered in this greeny moss - very soft and spongy.
It looked like we were on another planet

A cute Icelandic Church we drove by on top of a hill

Seljalandsfoss - Massive Waterfall!
Iceland has many waterfalls and this was one of our favs.

The Blue Lagoon
How could we go to Rekyjavik and not take a dip?

Friday, 16 January 2009

Scenic Sunday - Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

Here's my first entry to the Scenic Sunday blog. I took this photo while travelling around Croatia. One of the places I desperately wanted to see while in Croatia was the beautiful (and scenic!) Plitvice Lakes. I had seen so many amazing photographs of it and was dying to go there! Not to mention I love waterfalls and this place had a lot of them.

So when planning our trip we decided to fly into Zagreb, hire a car and stop off at Plitvice Lakes before driving down to the Dalmatian Coast. The day we were there it was a little gloomy, overcast and wet but even with all that grey, mist and rain it still managed to look beautiful. In fact all that mist made it seem a little mystical too.

If you ever get a chance to visit Croatia, I highly recommend visiting Plitvice Lakes - the water is crystal clear and an amazing bluey/green colour (actually the water in Croatia is the clearest I think I have ever seen!).

Below are just a couple more photos I took while at Plitvice Lakes, and a few more can be found in my shop.

Thursday, 15 January 2009

SwapStyle - Sell or Swap

Edit 02 March 2009 - I've decided to list my items in this blog post rather than maintain my SwapStyle Account so i've updated this post accordingly.

So now i'm back home at my folks place while we are looking for a home of our own, I realise I am in severe wardrobe space shortage! All our boxes arrived from London and everything is still in boxes, plus i've got my hubby sharing my wardrobe space, and all our wedding gifts that we stored in my wardrobe before we moved to London is still there, so I've decided to do a massive clear out of what I do actually wear and what i've been keeping a hold on to just because they're

a. too cute
b. too pretty
c. too many good memories
d. just not me but i swear i'll wear it soon cause i want to try to wear new styles (but never end up doing so!)

I don't really have enough stuff yet to hold a garage sale so i've decided to list things here in this blog post for swap or purchase. I know I shouldn't really be swapping (cause it'll just fill my wardrobe up more) but it is alot more cost efficient than me doing real shopping and spending more money!!

I'll be adding more on here so you can always book mark and check back in. Each item has a rough price tag attached to it (USD) but if you like something just contact me maybe we can strike a bargain. Shipping is extra because I do combined shipping on multiple items and it depends on where i'm sending it too - but if you are interested in something let me know where you want it shipped and i can get a estimate out to you! I accept paypal only.
Aussies - contact me for AUD prices.

Re swapping - I'll only swap if your an etsy member with good feedback or someone i 'know' (and of course, if you've got something i want!!) :)

Contact me via convo on etsy, or email at ppdesigns.etsy@yahoo.com with the subject heading 'Blog Sale'

I've added a 'Swap or Sell' section to the right hand side bar for easy access for when you next visit my bloggie too :)


  • For Sale or Swap approx value 25USD
  • Size Small Australian (I am usually a size 2-4US or 34-36 EU). It has a stretch to the fabric and has an elastic waistband.
  • This is a textured skirt with sparkly flecks through out. Because of its sparkle/shimmer it is great for evenings out!
  • This is a fitting skirt (similar to a pencil skirt fit) which comes just below the knees for me.
  • Made in Australia
  • Condition - worn a handful of times and still in good condition.


  • For Sale or Swap approx value 8USD
  • I thought I had lost my copy of this book so bought another one on ebay but just unpacked one of my boxes and found my old book. I like this one as it has one of the early cover illustrations. Fantastic Novel by a great Australian Author - one of my all time fav books!
  • Condition - Good. It has never been read (spine is not creased)


  • For Sale or Swap approx value 8USD
  • Size Small (8 Australian, 2-4 US, 34-36 EU)
  • Black tee with wide scoop/boat neck and short sleeves (similar to cap sleeves)
  • 'Paul Frank' monkeys on the front
  • 100% cotton
  • Condition - Good. This t-shirt has been worn but still in good condition
  • *I'm not sure if this a genuine Paul Frank tee. It has the label but was made in Indonesia. Was given to me as a gift.


  • For Sale or Swap approx value 8USD
  • Size Small - Medium (I am usually a size 2-4US or 34-36EU)
  • Cute t-shirt with a print of a sweet little bear and his honey pot surrounded by bees. It is a white tee with pink sleeves and neckline. One the back there is a small print of the bear and honey pot.
  • I bought this tee because it was so cute but never wore it. I thought i’d start wearing it as a pj top but still never got round to wearing it so now i’m listing here!
  • Condition - New and never worn but when inspecting it before listing it here I found a small hole at the seem of one of the sleeves. You can see it in the last picture (i have put a green circle around it). It isn’t very noticeable but thought i’d better let you all know!


  • For Sale or Swap approx value 10USD
  • This says its a size 10 (Australian) on the label but I found it to be quite small and tight. I think it is more a size 8 (small). (approx 2-4 US, 34-36 EU)
  • This is a super cute singlet in a teal green colour. Its so cute cause of the little karate boxing girl on the front in japanese anime style. Not only is she kicking butt on the front but you can see her back on the back!! :) So cheeky! The text on the side of the picture says‘heart breaker’
  • Cotton/Elastane
  • Condition - I have never worn this singlet, because it always felt a little too tight for me so it is still in excellent new condition!!


  • For Sale or Swap approx value 18USD
  • Kookai size 1 (xs-s). Polyester. Made in France.
  • L.O.V.E this kookai singlet to bits! I’ve never spent so much on a singlet before and truth be told it it was little low cut & tight for me that I didn’t really feel very confident wearing it but I still went and bought it because it was so so pretty! I fell in love with the prettiness of it all, the contrasting orange lace, the pearly sequins, the light blue beaded flowers and the rouching on the chest of the singlet, plus the pretty purpley colour. Soft satiny sheen fabric with adjustable straps.
  • Condition - Worn maybe once or twice. Still in good condition. Delicate fabric. Lightweight


  • For Sale or Swap approx value 6USD for both
  • Kookai ‘Free’ size (i am a small size usually)
  • Kookai halter neck top one in teal, the other in white. A good staple item for any wardrobe
  • Cotton/Lycra (cotton stretch).
  • Condition - I have worn and washed this many times so it is does not look new and has a 'used' loook to it.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

My Monkey Twins

I went to visit an old school friend the weekend past. It was great to catch up and check out their beautiful new dream house. But of course the little highlight(s) were meeting their little bubbies. While we were in London she and her hubby had gone ahead and had twins. One boy, one girl - so gorgeous and sweet!

I made them some cheeky monkey twins to play with. A blue one for the little boy and a purple one for the little girl (I didn't see any pink socks!). I hope they like them and drool over them!