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Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Blog Garage/Yard Sale Poll!

As I start going through all my stuff to pack I realise I have a lot of stuff that we will probably either throw out or give to chartiy. Normally back home in Oz we have garage/yard sales to try and get rid of some of our stuff but being in London means we are in tiny flats and therefore no garage or yard - plus garage/yard sale just don't seem to be done here which is a bit sad as back home whenever we are driving somewhere and see a sign for a garage sale i have to pull over and stop by - i love checking them out and hope to find some great finds!

Anyways I am getting way off track here. What I really wanted to know was whether if I put things up here on my blog whether any of you would be interested to see what I have and would you even consider buying from a blog (via paypal i guess). I can't list them on etsy as they are not handmade - mostly I have clothes that i've hardly ever worn (i am a terrible shop-a-holic!), jewellery, books and little knick knack gadets. I have other things but as I am in the UK those ones might be a bit big/heavy to ship to overseas - ofcourse if you are in the UK that's another matter altogether!

Here are the bits you might like to think about:
  • Payment would be via paypal.
  • I won't have a feedback system like etsy/ebay but you could always leave feedback in my 'comments' section.
  • I have 100% feedback from etsy shop so I'm a reputable seller :)
  • I live in the UK so you will need to pay shipping
So after that big spiel I would love to get your honest opinion - please do my poll on the right or just leave a comment in this post so I can see if there is any interest!

Many Many Thanks for your thoughts!!

Edit 07/08/08 - i've closed the poll! thanks for voting!


Hey Harriet said...

Yes I think it's a good idea to offer your goodies on your blog. As you already have a great record as an online seller I'm sure people wouldn't hesitate buying from you if they liked something :)

Scott Bulger Photography said...

Many people sell directly from their blog. You should be fine with it. Good luck.

Mystique Island Photography said...

Good luck with your moving sale!! :)

Sandra Ree said...

I'd be interested to see what you've got! And like Harriet said, if you've got a great record as an online seller, no problem! I love to shop online! :)

ppdesigns said...

Thanks for your comments! i've gone ahead and listed my first item!!