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Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Jewellery Part II - For Sale [SOLD]

Edit 15/08/08 - All this pretty jewellery has found a new and loving home!! Thanks!

Here is part two of my Jewellery Blog Sale. A few more pretty items that I couldn't help but buy but stayed hidden in my cupboard (i really do have a terrible habit of doing this!!).

Hope you may find something in here. Remeber check out how to buy in the second half of this post. You may also like to go back & revisit what was in Jewellery Part I aswell (remember i can do combined shipping!)

Seed Bead Goodies!
Acqua Necklace - There are 5 strands to this pretty but simple aqua necklace. It is elastic so can fit over your head and will sit just around your nec. Great for everyday wear and has a litle sparkle to it. CONDITION - EXCELLENT

Green Bracelet - There are 5 strands to this bracelet. A combination of seed and bugle beads joined together by a larger green bead. This one is also elastice. CONDITION - GOOD (the elastic is getting a little worn in this one so it is not as tight as it once was)


Lime Sparkle Ring
This ring is a it bling!! It has a large lime/light green coloured gemlike stone in the middle. Surrounded by lots of tenny little ones around it. There are also 3 little ones just around the side of each band. The ring size is approx 2cm in diameter. It is a bit big for me so this one is up for grabs too! CONDITION - EXCELLENT

Swishy Necklace
Light green beads with a small circle shell type attachments from each link. Silver lobster claw clasp. Approx 15" with addition 2.5" of chain for fastening. This one has a little weight to it. CONDITION - GOOD (missing a circle shell or two on the last link near the clasp - but can't really be noticed).

8 thin cords and a large enamelled rectangle make up this trendy and modern necklace. The cord is approx 16" with an addition 4" of bronze coloured chain for fastening. Lobster claw clasp. The pendant is made up of 3 small rectangles within each other and is approx 1.5" long.

Here ends Part II of the Jewellery bit. I think there will be one more part to come for jewellery so keep watching out. Remember if you are interested in any of my Blog Sale Items just email me at ppdesigns.etsy@yahoo.com!


Hey Harriet said...

These look cool! Can't believe you bought them & kept them stashed away in your cupboard!

ps- no extra Public Holidays for NSW I'm afraid. The Public Holiday that I enjoyed today was for Brisbane only. Sorry! Perhaps you should relocate to Brisbane instead of Sydney ;D

Toni said...

Thanks for stopping by my site - yes, the guys had a very exciting night at the ballpark. It's pretty common here to see ballgames - but the major leagues can get pretty expensive if you start going often - we normally stick with the minor league games. :)

Your jewelry is gorgeous - good luck with your blog sale!!

Sandra Ree said...

I like all of them and I know my daughter would too! :)