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Thursday, 7 August 2008

Jewellery Part I - For Sale [SOLD]

Edit 15/08/08 - All this pretty jewellery has found a new and loving home!! Thanks!

The next few posts of my blog sale are gonna be my bits and pieces of jewellery for sale. I seem to accumulate lots of jewellery but am a bit lazy and never actually wear any of them! So most of these ones I've listed have been only once or not at all!

These pieces weren't made by me and were shop bought so I can't list them in my etsy shop. I thought I could "dismantle" them and use them as beads for my own jewellery making but I think they look so nice as they are it's better to keep them intact and hope some others can enjoy them instead.

Have a squiz and if you want to purchase any just email me at ppdesigns.etsy@yahoo.com - further details on how to buy etc can be seen in my kitty radio blog sale post. Remember all prices are in USD (GBP approx divide by 2).

Oh and just with any garage/yard sale, this blog sale is happy to engage in a bit of haggling :) so feel free to contact me for your best offer or for more info/details on any of the items.

1. Paris Flowers
I bought this pretty girly necklace in Paris. It has pink butterflies, leaves, flowers and little coloured stones to make it seem almost fairy tale like. Colours such as pinks, greens, blues, purples and yellows. It is a bronze coloured chain with lobster claw clasp. Approx 13" chain with addition 2" of chain for fastening. CONDITION: EXCELLENT
PRICE: $8 ~~ SHIPPING: $2 (UK); $3 (Everywhere Else)

[click on photo to enlarge]

2. Chunky Green Bracelet
Love the greens in this bracelet! Approx 5" with an additional 3" of chain for fastening. Lobster claw clasp. This is a chunky style bracelet with a little bit of weight to it. Hangs well on your wrist. Includes an assortment of beads and silver coloured chain. Sorry I can't tell you what types of beads or chain it is but it all looks very pretty together! CONDITION: EXCELLENT
PRICE: $7 ~~ SHIPPING: $3 (UK); $5 (Europe); $6 (Everywhere Else)

[click on photo to enlarge]

3. Edwardian Purple
For some reason this one remind me of Edwardian times! It is a double layer bronze/copper coloured chain with purple and white pearls (they look faux pearls to me) and purple bicone beads. The inside layer ends with with a 2" cluster of beads. Approx 22" chain with 2" of chain for fastening. Lobster claw clasp. CONDITION: EXCELLENT
PRICE: $6 ~~ SHIPPING: $2 (UK); $3 (Everywhere Else)

[click on photo to enlarge]

4. Paris Blue
I also bought this one in Paris. I thought it looked really different and it goes great with that ever faithful Little Black Dress. It is a light blue double cord with lobster claw clasp. Approx 13.5" cord with additional 3.5" chain for fastening. The necklace features a complext triangle of chainmail covered with various beads, ribbon, wire and chain in shades of blue. The traingle hangs approx 4" from the top of the triangle to the end of longest piece of chain on the bottom. CONDITION: EXCELLENT
PRICE: $7 ~~ SHIPPING: $3 (UK); $5 (Europe); $6 (Everywhere Else)

[click on photo to enlarge]

Well that's all for today! Email me if you are interseted in any - ppdesigns.etsy@yahoo.com.

I'll be posting more on jewellery in the next few posts so please come back and keep checking!

Oh and if you want more than 1 of my items just let me know so I can work out combined shipping for you.

For all other BLOG SALE items just go to my 'Blog Sale' label on the right side bar


kim* said...

oh my! you are an amazing artist

ppdesigns said...

hi kim! Thanks for your comment - unfortunately i'm not the amazing artist(i wish!) - these pieces of jewellery i didn't make - i bought them over the past few years but am trying to sell them off to better homes as part of my moving clean up (thats why they're for sale on my blog not etsy ie: not handmade by me)

SecretMe said...

I wish I could afford them and have a nice party to go to to wear them at, but alas no. But great idea girl! I think I might get some of my beads I have on my blog a sort of de-stash!

Sandra Ree said...

Are you sure you want to get rid of those? They're all so pretty! :)

ppdesigns said...

:) every time i look at them i'm always reconsidering but my husband is all 'you never wear them' then i say 'oh but they're so pretty!!' :) but i guess i do really need to clear out some stuff- not everything can come home with us and its time for a bit of spring cleaning!!

now the ques is - does anyone else want them! ;)

Mystique Island Photography said...

I love the first one!!