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Saturday, 22 November 2008

Shadow Shot Sunday!

I have been very busy lately. Recently got my sewing machine fixed so have been going a little crazy doing lots of little projects. So crazy busy infact that I almost forgot to post my Shadow Shot Sunday photo. But luckily I remembered just in time (I hope!).

I really like this photo - the lighting is so pretty and it is a very cool room. It is actually a room inside a cave hotel! We stayed in this beautiful beautiful cave hotel called Elkep Evi in Cappadoccia, Turkey. I'll post more photos of this incredible and unusual place in the next post but for now check out the hotel here - it was amazing!

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

I Lovem!

There have been a bunch of little bubbas getting born all around me recently, infact all around Sydney - so much so that the hospitals have even had to turn people away as the birthing suites were all occupied!!

As a result of so many babies coming into this world it has meant that I have spent a huge chunk of time searching on Etsy for little baby pressies. I came across some really cute little blankies - perfect security blankets complete with soft toy and all!! And an added bonus is that the creators of these cute blankies is a real sweetie as well!! Go check them out at http://lovems1.etsy.com [you can click on the photos below for more details of each item]

Pamukkale (& Shadow Shot Sunday)

I've been out of Hey Harriets Shadow Shot Sunday features lately but i'm hoping to get back into it starting with this photo:

It is a photo of my husband and I stopping to admire the view of the White Travertines of Pamukkale in Turkey. We had to take our shoes off to walk up so we wouldn't do any further damage to it. I was actually surprised we were able to walk on it. The white stuff you see everywhere is actually calcium build up and is really hard. You can see the blue pool of water just in front of us - natural thermal springs so nice and warm!

I have this old memory of photos of swimming in these thermal pools - i think maybe having seen photos of it a long time ago but now no swimming is allowed. It seems that alot of the travertines have been damaged due to lack of knowledge in the past and there not having been many rules and regulations of where tourists could visit and also possibly due to construction. If you go to this wiki page you'll see what I mean re the photo of tourists lounging in the pools. The sad bit is I actually saw those same travertines and they are completely dry now - no water in them what so ever. But atleast there are some bits with water still around that we can imagine what it must have been like back in the day.

All these years later it is still quite an amazing spot to visit in a tiny town!

Monday, 3 November 2008

The Way It Should Be Part II - Amalfi Coast

I'm way behind in my blogging as i've been doing our last few stints of travel as we make our way home from London, UK to Sydney, Australia. I'm happy to say we have arrived safe and sound back to our hometown of Sydney where we are enjoying the sunny weather, yummy food and loving the company of our family and friends.

But before I blog anymore about us moving home and what we did on our way back I thought I'd better finish off my 'The Way It Should Be' Posts. My last post was giving you a little bit of insight into the wonderful relaxing two weeks we spent in France and Italy while my brother-in-laws came to visit us in Europe. You can see all the fun we had here in the French Riviera!

But, I thought i'd better finish off the trip with this post and our time in the beautiful Amalfi Coast in Italy!


Before making our way to the Amalfi Coast we thought we'd spend a day in Rome as my brothers-in-laws had never been there before. Ok, I know, one day in Rome is insane - last time my husband and I went we spent 5 days in Rome alone and there was so much to see but we were on a tight time frame and basking on the beach was high on the agenda! Rome was just as I remembered - bustling with so much wonderful history and culture (plus gelati shops at every corner - mmmmm.....). We did the usual sights and managed to pack in quite a lot into one day but unfortunately with only one day there, shopping was put on hold and I didn't get to peruse all the lovely Italian shops. This time round I managed to get a few lovely night shots of some of the best known sights in Rome, before heading to Naples and Pompei.

Trevi Fountain at Night - Rome

After stopping at Naples (best Pizza ever) we made our our way further South and stopped in Sorrento for a few days. I wasn't expecting much as the Lonely Planet warns about pretty disappointing beaches. But instead we found it quite cute looking down onto the these lounge chairs set up on all the rocks and piers with the crystal clear water surrounding it. It was so hot but that water was sooo refreshing!!


After spending a few days in Sorrento and doing little day trips out (Pompei was fantastic!) we took the bus along the amazingly gorgeous amalfi coast to plonk ourselves at Positano for a few days of more R&R. How gorgeous is this place with the buildings stacked up on the mountain side overlooking a beautiful coast. Swimming, sun baking and feasting on yummy italian cuisine - it really can't get much better than this!!

View from our balcony - Positano

It had been a few years since we did a lovely relaxing beachy holiday like this and I loved every single bit of it!!

Enjoying the beach at Positano