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Tuesday, 11 November 2008

I Lovem!

There have been a bunch of little bubbas getting born all around me recently, infact all around Sydney - so much so that the hospitals have even had to turn people away as the birthing suites were all occupied!!

As a result of so many babies coming into this world it has meant that I have spent a huge chunk of time searching on Etsy for little baby pressies. I came across some really cute little blankies - perfect security blankets complete with soft toy and all!! And an added bonus is that the creators of these cute blankies is a real sweetie as well!! Go check them out at http://lovems1.etsy.com [you can click on the photos below for more details of each item]


lolasmom said...

very cute!

kiddlebug said...

Last night, we were talking about the number of new babies being born. The wards are full here too. Cute find!

Janet P. said...

So cute!