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Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Cutie Pie Pink Kitty Radio - For Sale! [SOLD]

Edit 13/08/08 - This cutie pie pink kitty radio has found a new and loving home!! Thanks!

Ok well i've only had a handful of votes and of them 6 said go for it, 2 said iffy - but I was thinking last night - what have I got to lose really??

So here is the first of my Blog Sale Items - Pink Kitty Radio/Note Holder!

I bought this kitty in Oslo, Norway. It is actually a little radio disguised as a an uber cute pink pussy cat! I thought she was so cute. I didn't really have any use for her but somehow managed to convince myself (and hubby) that I would use here while in the shower! That lasted about 2 showers as I kept forgetting to turn her on. She then moved into my husbands office for a little bit - I thought he could use her while writing his notes...but a little pink pussy cat doesn't really sit well in a grown mans office....so poor old kitty spent the rest of her days as cute decoration on my bedroom windowsill.

Here are the deets on Cutie Pie Pink Kitty Radio:
  • Height - approx 4" toe to top of ears
  • Length - approx 4.5" from nose to bottom
  • Colour - pretty pink
  • Batteries - she needs 2 AA sized batteries (not included)
Other bits and pieces you might want to know about kitty:
  • She still works - I just tested her.
  • She is approx 2 years old and in great condition
  • Her pink eye is the on/off switch
  • The silver eye is her scan button to scan for radio stations
  • Her little silver mouth is the volume dial (and another on off switch)
  • The little black cord is like an antennae if needed (also hides away in belly if not required)
  • She has a little cut arch in her back where you can stick notes or photos (bonus!)
Price & Shipping (in USD - if you are UK just halve it)
Kitty Price = $8
Shipping = $3 (UK), $5 (Europe) or $6 (Everywhere Else)

How to Buy
Send me an email to ppdesigns.etsy@yahoo.com (sorry I only have one so whom ever gets in first)
I will then send you a paypal invoice for payment in USD (GBP if you are UK)
Once I receive your payment Cutie Pie Pink Kitty Radio will be lovingly and carefully packaged and shipped off to your home!

Refunds & Return Policy
No refund/return for change of mind
If it is faulty send it back to me and when I receive it I'll refund (excluding shipping costs)

[click on photos to see larger]

Hmmm...now I'm looking at these photos again I don't want to sell little kitty anymore!!! She is too cute!!


Hey Harriet said...

That's a really cute little radio! Hope your kitty finds a good & loving home :)

Sandra Ree said...

Adorable! I'd snatch her up if my daughter didn't have so many "radios" already! lol I'll keep checking back!

kim* said...

aw- she is sweet. thought she was a piggy at first...either way cute.

LazyTcrochet said...

That is sweet! I'm getting organized for a real, sit in the garage all weekend, garage sale. So boring. This is fun. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Aw, it's SO CUTE! Cool idea about selling it on your blog.

Anonymous said...

The tail is a riot

The Bay Attic said...

Hi Jen, Thanks for visiting our wordpress blog and glad you liked the post, indeed there are some amazing things to be bought and created on Etsy. Bye-the-way, this kitty radio is fab know wonder she is hard to part with !

Start To Finish Supplies said...

Great kitty radio. I thought it was funny that you put it in your husbands office. I bet he loved that. A pink kitty among his manly things! How cute!