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Sunday, 25 January 2009

Scenic Sunday - Iceland

Rainbow over Iceland

Here is another entry into the Scenic Sunday blog. This time here are few of my photos from Iceland. We visited this beautiful country just before it collapsed financially so when we went everything was still super expensive (including our speeding fine - £265 after a pay immediately discount!), but we enjoyed our scenic drives and sightseeing while eating rye bread and salmon that we picked up from the supermarket for almost every meal.

Scenery in Iceland doesn't disappoint. Even though it rained abit and was at times bitterly cold we still saw the beauty of Iceland. I love landscapes and nature so was a happy little snapper while travelling in and around Rekyjavik. Have a little look at what we experienced!

Jokulsarlon - Iceberg Lagoon.
It was a long drive out but totally worth it.
The first time i've seen icebergs in the flesh.

Iceland is covered in this greeny moss - very soft and spongy.
It looked like we were on another planet

A cute Icelandic Church we drove by on top of a hill

Seljalandsfoss - Massive Waterfall!
Iceland has many waterfalls and this was one of our favs.

The Blue Lagoon
How could we go to Rekyjavik and not take a dip?


Chrisy said...

Oh so greeen with envy...wonderful wonderful photos...your selection gives a real taste of the spirit of Iceland...thank you...

Skies said...

Phew! isn't the lagoon cold? It looks like ice, :) anyway, thanks for sharing your shots, very magnificent ones.

Angel.Pearls said...

Great photos!!/7Eva

me ann my camera said...

All of your photos are beautiful with such a variety of landscapes presented!! Love the rainbow above the dried grass, lovely intense colours!

Celtic Cat Photos said...

Awesome captures! Love the Rainbow!

gen/entry said...

Oh wow I like your pictures awesome....Happy weekend.

Linnea W said...

What wonderful scenes. I've seen photos of that blue lagoon before. It looks very inviting. I've been wanting to go to Iceland for years. Your photos only tempt me even more!

Norm said...

wow! what a breathtaking views, awesome. Check out my Scenic Sunday here and thanks for leaving a message.

Julie Magers Soulen said...

Beautiful country and wonderful captures! Love the waterfall series!