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Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Shadow Shot Sunday

I'm back from vacation. Had a wonderful time and managed to get rid of my pasty white skin to a nice golden glow!!!

Will post more on the trip and some photos soon but thought i'd better get my Shadow Shot Sunday photo in for Hey Harriets blog as I probably won't have time to blog this coming weekend.

This photo is a shadow of a plant growing just beside the pool of the french guest house we were staying at. I've turned the photo upside down (so the plant shadow looks the right way up) and made some digital enhancements to the photo - I like it better this way - it looks enhanced, but was much too bland before.


Sandra Ree said...

Welcome back! We missed you!

Love this shadow shot, it looks like you went diving in the ocean to get this one!

Can't wait to see your photos and hear all about your trip! :)

Hey Harriet said...

That's a great photo! Enjoy your vacation. Lucky you! :)

Ali said...

lovely, pretty shot! and lucky you going on holiday ... to France!!!

~michelle pendergrass said...

Oh wow. I thought it was an extremely blue sky! How pretty!!

annette said...

Love the colours and the little round baubley things on the plant :0)

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! We did miss you! Very cool shadow shot!


High Desert Diva said...

Oh...I like the enhancements...very cool!