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Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Handbag Wish List

I have been dreaming about a nice nice bag for quite some time now. I have always wanted to splurge but always got caught up in the price of it all. I do at times ofcourse convince myself - the usual 'it's an investment', 'you use it everyday' 'it's leather and good quality'... i'm sure you know how it all goes but when it comes to the crunch i just can't fathom parting with so much $$$ for a handbag.

Although when I think about how many cheaper handbags have a I bought over the years (prob too many!) they would probably add up to one beautiful, well made, good quality handbag if I thought about it (no, stop I don't want to think about it!)

But now that '
PPDesigns' has been established there is some (ok maybe teeny tiny) hope that it will make it BIG one day! And when it does i'll be ready to go shopping for my that ever important accessory ..... a womans must have staple HANDBAG.

The question of to buy or not will hopefully be irrelevant when PPDesigns make it big (!) and instead it will be Flashy or Practical?? :)
Although flashy bags are very drool worthy I admit I would probably get much more value out of a traditional practical bag. A few of my picks for whenever I can afford it (hopefully before i'm 80!!)


High Desert Diva said...

I can't ever cough up the big bucks either....

nicoleleeartistry said...

The Jimmy Choo or Burberry - all the way! They are awesome! Spending a lot of money on a great purse is hard to do, but I have and many a friend have and trust me when I say - you'll LOVE your purse and you'll realize the quality, long term investment when you do. Try looking at outlets - that helps defray costs a little. Some prices are OUTRAGEOUS, but if you're a good bargain shopper, you'll find one at a decent price that you'll be willing to pay. If not, it's always nice to dream - that's what I'll be doing for a while. One can only buy one nice purse every so many decades - at least when you're on a budget! hahaha. have a good day!

M.KATE said...

i love the bags..but probably will have to not eat for 1 year to buy one, happy weekend

ppdesigns said...

it is hard to part with the cash but i couldn't possible leave europe without one could i :) (i'm moving home at the end of the year)

will keep u posted if i ever make the 'investment' :)