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Friday, 14 March 2008

Russian Inspiration

You may have seen this at my indiepublic blog (which i've now retired due to this one) but it is too cute not to share to everyone else in the blogging world (well i think so anyway!!)

When I make earrings I look at my beads and then look around my flat then look around outside for some inspiration.

One day I was looking up at my bookshelf and sitting there was my little russian matryoshka doll. I looked up at it, then looked down at my beads, then all of a sudden this teeny tiny little earring was born.

I kept one pair for my shop and then had to go and make another pair straight away for myself! They are so teeny and tiny that I couldn't help looking at myself in the mirror (ok i'm just a tad vain!) going 'awww so cute!' every couple of minutes. My husband rolled his eyes after about the 5th 'awww it's so cute' and just says 'yes dear' with that look on his face.

Here they are, and just below was my inspiration - u can just see the tiny baby to the very very left of the photo.


M.KATE said...

hi there, this is a fabulous blog, love the russion small dolls, will pop over often and have a nice weekend :)

PamperingBeki said...

What a great match! I love those dolls.

nicoleleeartistry said...

I love those dolls! They make me happy. Your earrings reflect them perfectly! Reading about your happiness over your earrings and your husband's reaction made me laugh - sounds like my husband and I. Aren't they wonderful? They roll their eyes, but you KNOW they love us for our girlish sillies. :O)

ppdesigns said...

the poor hubbys having to put up with all us etsy addicts!! :)

Amanda said...

Love the dolls...I saw your etsy avatar in the forums and it was SHOES...LOL..so I had to come and check out your blog.