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Monday, 14 April 2008

Autumn Kiss

Congratulations AmyBuchheit - you are the winner of the Name This Photo Comp! I loved your title 'Autumn Kiss'! It goes great with the colours of the photo and it is simple and sweet just like this image.

It was a hard decision (esp cause i'm really bad at making decisions!), I could see how all of them would go great with the photo - you guys are so much better at this naming biz than me! But here were a few other fav titles that I just had to mention:

Reaching Out - from tjmetz
The Hair Cut - from Dre
Stump 'n' Wispy - from Hey Harriet

The last two just cracked me up :) and 'Reaching Out' seemed so soulful.

I just wanted to say THANK YOU everyone for helping me out with this! I had so much fun reading everyones suggestions! Names that I just never would have thought off - goes to show how cool photos are in that everyone sees something different from the exact same image!! I love it!!

Autumn Kiss is now available here:

Prize Winners
AmyBuchheit - I will get in touch with you with the email on your blogspot profile re your Prize
tjmetz, Dre, Hey Harriet - Cause I also loved your ones i'll send you a little something too :)

If for some reason you don't get my emails - send me a convo at my shop or email me at ppdesigns.etsy@yahoo.com


PamperingBeki said...

That's a great name!

Sarah Niemela said...

I love that name! It totally fits!

picciolo said...

great choice, I also like the haircut one!
: )

Hey Harriet said...

Cool choice! The "Autumn Kiss" title is a goodie!

& hey thanks heaps for the mention regarding my suggestion & the kind runner-up gesture to boot! Sweet :)