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Monday, 7 April 2008

Reintroducing - Photo Greeting Cards!

A little while ago I introduced single listing photo greeting cards into my shop. I thought it would be a great idea - smaller priced items of my work that people could use as a greeting card but at the same time allowing the recipient of the card the option to frame the card as it has an actual photo mounted on the card stock. The card could become a mini gift aswell & wouldn't be heading for the recycling bin!

But the cards didn't seem to take off at all and I was heistant to relist as it would eat into the tiny profits that I make on the card itself, so before I decided to make more cards and begin the relisiting process I thought I would check the forums to see what was wanted by a wider community than just me!

The forums were great! I got feedback and found other threads on greeting cards. From that I took the feedback and redid my photo greeting card section in my etsy shop.

Now i've got cards in sets of 3 or 2 and also offer a single card option if the buyer prefers this.

I retook all my photos and added some new photo cards into my range and redid the descriptions.

Here is the final result of my new (and hopefully improved) photo greeting cards (click on the photo to see more images of each card in the set)

I have lots more to list but going to see how these fair first. What do you think - should I keep listing or wait and see????


Lost River Rags & CandleLights said...

I love the greeting cards. It would be great to find someone that makes mini cards to go along with etsy shipments!

julie king said...

I love your photo cards! I've always been a big fan of great and interesting photography. I'd list a couple more and then wait to see, Spread the new listings out over a few weeks time. Keep ups the great work!

High Desert Diva said...

Nice selection...keep listing

ara133photography said...

Completely gorgeous!

picciolo said...

I think they look great, good luck with them
: )

ppdesigns said...

thanks for the encouragement! I think i'll keep listing a few more and see how they go!

Helen said...

These are absolutely beautiful! I'm off to have a browse through your shop right now!

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