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Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Shadow Shot Sunday - Souks of Marrakesh

I've been absent from the Shadow Shot Sunday meme for some time, but this week I'm making sure I get in in time. The picture i've selected for my re-entry into Hey Harriets SSS is a photo taken in the Souks of Marrakesh, Morocco (above). I love this one as the entire frame lies in a shadow except for the beautiful rays of light coming through the roof highlighting the daily activities of those working the souks.

I couldn't resist adding a few more photos of the souks in a little collage just above. I love the whole souk vibe in Marrakesh. Colourful and lively just like the folks who live there. You can probably gather from the photos that the souks are a bit of a shop-a-holics paradise, and yes I was in Paradise (don't know about my poor hubby though!).

Just outside the souks lie the famous Djemma el Fna. As dusk falls it seems all of Marrakesh gather in this square for some story telling, and good meal. The whole place gets a little smoky as the food stalls start up. It's hard not follow your nose and pick a stall to eat at.

Above are a couple of the food stalls that people plonk themselves at for a good meal! We followed suit and did the same - it was a yummy meal and very inexpensive too! Afterwards we walked around getting completely lost into the atmosphere that is Djemma el Fna.


Chrisy said...

So exotic and wonderful...looks like a photographers paradise!

Fadil Wimala said...

traveling + taking photographs are really enjoying..

Elizabeth said...

Just LOVED your photos of Marrakesh where we used to live.
Came to you via Hey Harriet.
You might enjoy my old blog
(note spelling of MarrakeSh
if you scroll back there are a gazillion photos of the magic city.
Were you there on vacation or on business.
I muss it like crazy

istanbuldailyphoto said...

These shops are great. A chirpy market.