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Monday, 2 March 2009

Baby Change Mats!

I forgot to mention that I have listed some new items in my Jumpy Frog shop! These baby change mats came around as a suggestion from my sister-in-law. She wanted to give handy all in one baby change mats to her friends as gifts but could only find boring black or grey ones and often just a change mat only without any pockets for nappys/wipes.

So out of that was born the Jumpy Frog baby changes mats complete with pockets for diapers and baby wipes. Not only that, it is also lined with waterproof PVC for easy wiping down of any little messes!

That's my cutie pie nephew up there modelling for me!

Here are a few other designs I have in store:

And if you already have a change mat then maybe you'll like one of these handy diaper/baby wipe wallets. They'll fit a few diapers and your baby wipes container so you can pop it in any of your carry bags and never have to scrounge around you bag looking for your diapers and wipes - you'll be able to find your little wallet easily and be the envy of all your mummy friends!


Julie Magers Soulen said...

Very cute baby change mats!

Patty said...

These are adorable...what a clever idea (and love the fabrics)...I remember when my kids were babies always trying to find those darn wipes! Will keep this in mind for baby gifts...


PS Thanks for stopping by my blog.