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Monday, 7 July 2008


Edit 11/07/08 - I've decided to finally clear my shop of my earrings and focus on the photography. As such the Special of the Week will no longer exist for the earrings - instead ALL Earrings are on sale NOW - just go here to check it out! A new separate Earring Store will open soon...I'll keep you posted.

I've created a new section in my shop called Special of the Week. I'm going to select 1 photograph and 1 earring each week to be discounted for just that week, so keep popping by my shop to see what's on special!!

This weeks specials can be found here and are:


Hey Harriet said...

I noticed you added your link to the 'Shadow Shot Sunday' Mr Linky gadget on my SSS post, but as there is no mention here of a shadow shot I couldn't save a shot to include in a collage. I'm a bit confused. Maybe I'm too easily confused ;)

However, I do love your 'specials of the week' idea for your shop!

ppdesigns said...

oops sorry! i thought i was supposed to post it up on the saturday (your sunday). I'll have to save it for next week now.

Kelly said...

Great idea for a weekly special. I love the skyline photo!

Nikki said...

Having a weekly special is a great idea!